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EMS Synthi Grid
EMS Synthi Grid
EMS Synthi Grid

   :. A c t i v i s m .:

  9/11 Families For Peace - September eleventh families for peaceful tomorrows. Cool.

  9-11peace.org - Action for justice - not war. Please support this organization.

  Adbusters - Wonderful site illuminating media manipulation. Brain food.

  Antiwar.com Source for anti-war news, opinions and actions.

  EFF Action Center - Stop big business from trampling your rights. Do it now!

  Marijuana Reform Party - Apathy is our biggest enemy. Get active in the party.

  MoveOn - Helping busy people be effective citizens!

  Zero Zero Magazine - UK activists and instigators with a sense of humor.

   :. E n v i r o n m e n t   &   A n i m a l    R i g h t s .:

  GreenPeace Action Center - An easy way to make a difference in the world from your desk.

  Peta 2 - The leading animal rights organization in the country

  Care2 - The self-proclaimed Yahoo for the environmentally conscious.

  :. E l e c t r o n i c    M u s i c .:

  Synth Zone - Huge site with info and links on every synth ever made.

  Dancesafe Organization - Unbiased information + cheap ecstasy testing kits. Great site.

  Hyperreal - The grandaddy of all rave websites. The first and the largest.

  Breaksworld - The breaks and nothing but the breaks so help me God.

  :. I n t e l l i g e n c e .:

  The Memory Hole - Deleted/modified information on the web uncovered. Outstanding.

  The National Security Archive - GWU's amazing collection of declassified docs.

  Cryptome - Cryptome.org gets info that no-one else has. Unbelievable stuff.

  The CIA World Factbook - Pretty accurate data about every country on the globe.

  :. I n t e r n e t / T e c h n o l o g y .:

  Internet Freedom - Uncompromising internet freedom advocates and activists.

  Center for Democracy & Technology - The title says it all, really. Great activist links and resources.

  :. S o m e    F a v s . . . .:

  Electronic Musical Instrument 1870 - 1990

  Train of Thought - 1936 Synthetic Speech

  Analogue Vocoders Info Page

  Mellotrons, Chamberlins, and their Sounds

  History Of Electronic Music Index

  Harmony Central Main Menu

  A Guide to the EMS Product Range 1969 to 1979

  :. M B M    &    R E L A T E D .:

  MBM Official Website

  MBM Historical Archive

  Tino Corp Records

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